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Are you a freelancer, a master of your trade and looking for interesting and above all well-paid jobs? Then our exclusive freelance portal is the right place for you. We offer you a fair and transparent placement of projects with clients at eye level. Whether you are an IT freelancer, UX designer, social media manager or consultant in Munich, Berlin, London or New York – we have the right job offers for you in our pool. With your profile with us, the tiresome and costly acquisition process is no longer necessary. Instead, you focus on your skills and your upcoming projects.

Working as a freelancer involves many administrative tasks. Especially the search for suitable and attractive job offers turns out to be a big challenge in everyday life, which also takes a lot of time. As an expert in your field, you are constantly confronted with uninteresting and hardly rewarding offers that neither match your level of knowledge nor your expectations in terms of payment. We try to change that.

Clients and freelancers quickly find each other – worldwide

The solution is a perfectly balanced freelance platform that convinces with attractive project offers. Based on recommendations you will receive attractive job offers after your registration. Clearly structured, clients and freelancers can find each other quickly and easily. The internationality of our freelancers and jobs is an exciting aspect of our portal. For various projects and assignments, for example, we are looking for freelancers with a foreign language profile, as many companies also operate in international markets. Therefore, foreign language skills or a mother tongue other than English are a positive aspect in your profile on our freelancer website.

Freelance platform with remote jobs in Berlin, London and other cities

Our freelancer website is represented nationally and internationally. Jobs in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne can be found here as well as projects in New York, Madrid or Beijing. You have the option of having projects suggested to you only in your city, or you can choose to work remotely. If the company attaches great importance to personal contact, an assignment in the same city would be advantageous in any case, because travel expenses are minimized.

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What are the advantages of a freelancer?

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Development opportunities and further training for freelancers

As a freelancer you have the opportunity to constantly develop yourself in a new environment. As a consultant and expert in your field, you will come into contact with innovative ideas that only need you to become a reality or reach a larger target group. The opportunity to decide for yourself in which form you get involved and how much time you invest is an advantage of freelance work. Basically there are no limits regarding the number of projects. If you are interested in several exciting projects at the same time, they can be enriched by your work and activities concurrently.

New working methods open up new perspectives

Working as a freelancer also gives you the option to familiarize yourself with different working methods. New tools, techniques or communication possibilities broaden your own spectrum and complete your already diversified profile. With every project your experience grows and the chance to apply for the best or most lucrative jobs grows with it. The biggest advantage of a freelancer market is the expansion of your own network. Every successful cooperation leads to further recommendations and meaningful reviews, which can be of help for future job offers.

A further argument are reviews from previous employers on our freelancer portal. Every positive evaluation increases your chances and strengthens your profile since future clients can better evaluate your work.

Branding – making a name for yourself on a freelance portal

As a freelancer you are in a constant process of development. Through various assignments you can sharpen your own profile and potential customers are addressed even more specifically. With continuous duration you will succeed in asserting yourself against competitors in the fight for price pressure and skills. Excellent work pays off not only in the form of money, but also through additional assignments.

Branding is more than a logo

Branding plays a central role – also as a freelancer. This is not at all related to a logo, a slogan or a certain look of your own website, but rather to yourself. Very good reviews by your clients, previous projects in the appropriate industries, the mediation of competence and communication at eye level distinguish you as a freelancer and lead in total to significantly more inquiries. In your field of expertise, there can be no getting past you in the long run when a client is looking for the perfect freelancer with your profile. If this is the case, you have established yourself as a brand on the market.

Registration on a freelancer website

  • Ensure a professional appearance on the platform right from the start. Immediately after registration, the completion of the profile is of high importance. You should not neglect the regular maintenance of the profile with an appealing picture and the correct information.
  • Expand your network on the freelancer website. Already completed projects and recommendations should be mentioned in your profile and, if possible, reviewed or confirmed by customers.
  • Raise realistic expectations of you with the customer. In particular your abilities are meant. Having read something about marketing or having come into contact with design during a project does not make you an expert. Bad reviews could be the result.
  • Determine your availabilities and agree on dates. Of course, lucrative assignments are very attractive, but you should be able to complete them in high quality. Not meeting deadlines is not appreciated by freelancers.
  • Communication and feedback are very important. Your availability makes the customer the king. Quick answers to questions and honest feedback during the collaboration is the basis for a successful project.

Fields of activity in freelancer placement

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Sector selection is a mapping factor

An industry selection can be a quality criterion for a freelancer placement. The more specific the classification can be, the higher the possible match between client and freelancer. The spectrum on the freelancer market covers the sectors architecture & urban planning, automotive, construction, consulting, accounting & taxes, research & science, film, health, wellness & fitness, import & export, furniture, mechanical & industrial engineering and many more.

Expert or only partial knowledge – Honesty on the freelancer market

This can be transferred to several areas. If you are an expert in website design, but you lack the understanding of fashion, then you will probably not be able to meet the requirements of the customer from the fashion business. The effect can also be reversed. If you have a soft spot for cooking or traveling anyway, then projects in these industries can be realized with much more commitment and dedication due to your interests. Your clients will simply feel the passion with which you will accomplish your tasks.

Choose the right industries as a freelancer

For a better classification, it is important to name the industries you have already worked in or with which you can identify yourself thematically. When looking for a job, it can be helpful to define a field of activity, because a suitable classification makes it easier to find your profile. If your skills fit into more than one category, this can easily be saved. Here are a few examples of popular sectors:

  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Internet
  • Art & Culture
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Media & Publishing
  • Law & Legal Advice
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Video Games & Animation

Job title and field of activity on the freelance portal

To make it easier to find you on the portal, it is very important that you state your exact job title or activity. Many companies initially only search for job titles of freelancers before they look into the detailed knowledge. Accordingly, your job description in the title of the profile should be as accurate as possible to enable as many hits as possible. Examples are:

  • Freelance Management Consultant
  • Freelance Project Manager
  • PR Freelancer
  • Online Marketing Freelancer
  • Freelance Web Developmer
  • UX & Design Freelancer
  • Finance & Controlling Freelancer
  • Copywriting Freelancer
  • Freelance Content Manager

Tips for a sustainable placement with clients

  • To “warm up” the contact again and again over some time can lead to sustainable orders.
  • In this context, don’t hesitate to take the initiative yourself. Asking whether your last project was sustainably successful will bring you back on the map.
  • Find out on our freelance portal whether further projects of the company are advertised.
  • Festive occasions like Christmas are always a good reason to actively seek contact again.
  • Let your client review your work on our platform.

Competition on a freelance platform

freelancer marketplace

How can I become more successful on the freelancer market?

Without a corresponding reputation, it is more difficult to be considered as a freelancer for placements. On the one hand, you subjectively lack the relevant experience and on the other hand, you are not visible to potential clients when searching. A good CV or a fancy internet presence often helps as a first step, but reviews of previous employers make your statements more credible and strengthen the confidence in your abilities. This way your profile will stand out as a special one among many.

CV vs. profile – How do I present myself on a freelancer website?

With the aim of setting themselves apart from the masses and presenting themselves as a competent contact person, many freelancers tend to post their complete CV on a freelancer website. How meaningful a school career or a university degree is for the assignments is basically up to the customer to decide. However, experience has shown that there is not much interest in this.

Significant profile with your skills

A meaningful profile that explicitly highlights your skills and abilities is much more useful for the placement of freelancer jobs. It is important to outline your professional career with the respective fields of activity and especially to indicate the respective industry. If you have been working as a freelancer for a longer period of time, it helps your own reputation to point out already existing partnerships or past projects. Further training that you have enjoyed ensures that your profile is complete. For many clients, your language skills may be decisive in getting involved in an international project. Others attach great importance to communication and exchange – soft skills that can also be learned.

Profile pictures on freelance platforms

As much as you may want to put your own skills to the fore, the profile picture is often the key to a positive decision by the client, albeit mostly unconsciously.

These criteria and tips will help you choose the perfect photo for your profile

  • The picture should be up-to-date and reflect your current appearance. An old picture taken several years ago can cause irritation when meeting directly or via Skype.
  • The visible clothing in the picture should match your genre. The classic suit looks out of place for creative jobs or developers.
  • The correct posture and feeling of well-being can be seen at first glance on a profile picture. So put yourself in the limelight.
  • Good lighting and the right environment are important. Seeing you in your free time is less indicative of your professional competence.
  • Let someone else choose the pictures. Other people are much more objective in their selection.

Find permanent freelancer jobs and assignments

How a project becomes more

The successful completion of a collaboration or project does not necessarily mean the end of it. In many industries it is common for a task to result in a long-term agreement that can prove to be a solid pillar for the future. Behind every project there is a contact person, a team and a company. They want to be prepared for the future, too.

The importance of leaving an impression

Therefore it is important to leave traces and good impressions. A developer has helped to create the code of a website and could also be involved in the development of future sites due to his skills. A copywriter perfectly addresses the target group with his content and is responsible for numerous sales thanks to his choice of words. This person can be sure to be considered for future assignments. It is similar with the topic “search engine optimization”, which is anyway perspectively designed and can only develop its effect permanently.

Claim reviews and praise

Even if the project is finally completed, as a competent expert in your field, you can be sure that very satisfied customers will recommend you to other companies. Many companies are not aware of how important their review is for your work. For this reason, actively encourage companies to give their review and the praise that goes with it.

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The perfect jobs on our freelance platform

The variety of projects, the high standards and the exclusivity of our freelancer website open up completely new perspectives for you. With an appealing profile and excellent recommendations from your customers or team colleagues, you save the time-consuming acquisition process and have the choice between several exciting projects with a lucrative payment. And the more successful a project is, the more interesting assignments await you in the future.


What advantages do I have by joining the Talent Club?

For you the tedious search for projects and clients is no longer necessary. With an appealing profile and very good references on our platform, interesting jobs are almost guaranteed.

How can I become a member of this exclusive network?

Join the Talent Club and ask for recommendations from previous clients or team colleagues. We refer renowned clients, who in turn rely on trust in the skills of our freelancers.

Are international projects available?

We attach great importance to freelancers from all over the world with different mother tongues who we place on exciting projects of internationally operating companies.

How can I be successful in project placement?

Highlight your expertise in detail on your profile. The number of your skills can significantly increase the attractiveness and findability of your profile. However, honest information is a prerequisite for a successful cooperation and suitable recommendations.

Which fields of activity are represented on the freelance portal?

The diversity of experts on our freelancer website is broadly diversified. Basically there are no restrictions and companies from almost all fields are looking for support.

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