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Freelance consulting: Supporting companies with advice

Consulting of companies is widespread among freelancers. Companies often look for external expertise to put processes within the company to the test. Restructuring, strategy development and conception as well as monitoring the implementation of measures are among the primary tasks of a freelance consultant. By registering on our freelance portal, you have the opportunity to come into contact with internationally operating companies in Germany, Europe and worldwide that have exciting and well-paid assignments to offer – locally or remotely. The basis for the placement is a meaningful profile, on which you emphasize your special skills, as well as recommendations from previous clients or team colleagues.

What is a freelance consultant?

In principle, any freelancer who supports companies with advice and assistance can call himself a consultant or advisor. As a rule, companies rely on temporary external consulting instead of permanently filling internal positions. In doing so, the company obtains project-based support from outside consultants in order to obtain an objective assessment of acute issues. In addition to their general objectivity, the advantage of external consultants is especially that there is no direct personal interest in certain decision-making processes.

Freelance consulting: Developing expertise in a specialist field

When looking for a freelance job as a consultant, it helps to present yourself as an absolute expert in a specialist field. Most consultants are trained in the field of “Business Administration”. The primary aim is to get to know and be able to evaluate economic and company-specific processes. As part of the studies, internships provide valuable insights into corporate structures, which can be incredibly instructive for the future. However, economics is only one way to work as a consultant. Other specialists also operate on the freelancer market.

Become a specialist and find an international freelance consulting job

Apart from economics, the market also includes SEO consultants, who are helpful in the search engine optimization of websites. The marketing consultant can act both in classical advertising and online marketing to reach a larger target group. IT-Consultants are responsible for the development processes. If several developers are working on a project at the same time, it is important to coordinate them perfectly. By hiring a PR consultant, companies want to make their brand better known nationally and internationally and develop a positive image in their external presentation. Logistics consultants support, for example, in setting up storage and shipping facilities for a shop that wants to ship its products itself.

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Training as freelance consultant – learning soft skills

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Basics for freelance consulting

Since there is no direct course of study or training to become a consultant, your training should have a certain orientation. In addition to business studies, IT or engineering services, auditors, personnel consultants, chemists in the pharmaceutical industry and computer scientists in the software industry are currently experiencing high demand. This orientation during your studies could help you to establish yourself as a consultant on the job market. Without a degree, the prospects are rather low. However, a high level of experience could compensate for the lack of university education in some companies.

Advanced skills and expertise

Your skills should already include above-average abilities and comprehensive expertise at the start of your freelancer career. In addition to the theoretical aspects of a course of studies, it is above all practical experience that helps you to gain an insight into different companies. In order to get a picture of the existing structures, a quick grasp and a good analytical understanding are necessary. These skills help you to recognize the existing company structures and to identify the first mistakes already during the analysis. Not insignificant in your work as a freelance consultant is the ability to present problems in a clear and comprehensible way. A well-groomed and adapted appearance is mandatory for working as a consultant, after all you want to appear competent and trustworthy. With your special expertise you will then be able to initiate improved procedures and control their implementation.

Use resources and apply them sensibly

Logically combining theory and practice is one of the main tasks in freelance consulting. Many companies have only limited resources for the implementation of projects and assignments. These can be financial, but also personnel-related. It is therefore important to use the available resources sensibly and not to insist on theoretical factors alone. If, for example, there is only a limited number of developers, the project must be set up and prioritized for the longer term. With budgets, prudent action is urgently required and all aspects of a project must be covered. The exchange and above all the mediation of feasible solutions requires a certain amount of empathy from the freelance consultant.

Distinct soft skills help with freelance consulting

Besides empathy and understanding for the company and the people working there, further soft skills are necessary to establish yourself as a freelance consultant and to find suitable jobs. In this context, strong communication skills are always necessary. Above all, problems must be addressed in such a way that employees do not feel offended. With your ability to work in a team, you are able to get involved with people in a new environment, motivate them and meet them at eye level. Thanks to your willingness to take on responsibility, you go ahead and stand behind your developed processes. Setbacks are part of everyday life and must be overcome without complaint. Accuracy and precise work form the basis for a responsible handling of the available budget.

Service or consulting characteristics of a freelance consultant

  • The process-oriented communication between you and the client is an essential task in consulting. The permanent exchange helps to avoid misunderstandings.
  • The application and use of qualitative or quantitative instruments and methods to improve processes is usually the central task of a freelance consultant.
  • The flexibility in your way of working must be maintained. Emerging problems have to be mastered by you as a consultant. A flexible deviation from the original plan is urgently needed in many companies in order to be successful.
  • The objective recording of the actual state and the joint development of the target state are a fundamental part of the consulting process.
  • To initiate the implementation of the concept and to inspire the employees for the new way requires excellent communication skills.
  • In project-related consulting, the controlling of measures forms the conclusion of your work. This also includes an objective assessment of your work and the work of the company.

Sectors, clients and consulting contents at freelance consulting

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Clients with different intentions

As a rule, entrepreneurs rely on consultants when processes come to a standstill or the costs of certain internal projects become too high. By outsourcing the consulting, those responsible hope to gain an objective view of internal processes. The term “operational blindness” is generally accepted and often directly comprehensible. Statements such as “we have always done it this way” or “it has worked so far” should be familiar to every freelance consultant. The clients have the claim that you as a consultant recognize the problems from a new perspective, name them and then present solutions.

To meet the expectations of the client

For both you and the client, realistic expectations are advisable. After a first stocktaking, you can give a first estimation which resources have to be used and especially which time frame has to be planned for the implementation. A realistic assessment helps on the one hand to set the expectations correctly and on the other hand to guarantee a successful implementation. An advice in this context: If you give the responsible persons a regular update on the developments, they will feel that they are well taken care of and involved.

Industries and clients of freelance consultants

Since there is no direct training or study, the range of tasks of a consultant is very diverse. There is basically a large selection of companies in the various industries that have a need for external consultants. You can use your knowledge and skills as a basis for deciding in which industries you find yourself in particular. Companies from these industries are supported by our freelance platform:

  • Marketing & advertising
  • Media & publishing
  • Automotive & automotive suppliers
  • Tourism & travel
  • Telecommunications & entertainment
  • Pharmaceuticals & chemicals
  • Banks & insurances

Consulting contents at freelance consulting

This very general description of tasks rarely does justice to a consultant. Rather, you have to deal with a wide variety of topics that can turn out to be problems within the company. The following consulting contents can be part of the work as a freelance consultant:

  • Strategy development and conception
  • Implementation of new systems, working methods or technologies
  • Restructuring (change management)
  • Cost reduction (cost cutting)
  • Financing advice, takeovers or mergers
  • PR and Marketing consulting

Questions during freelance consulting

  • What methods do I use?
  • How do I gain an insight into the existing structures?
  • Which valuation standards can be applied to the company?
  • How do I communicate the problems within the company?
  • Do I develop my own solution approaches or do I work together with those responsible?
  • How do I control the implementation of the measures?

How do I find a freelance consulting job with good earning potential?

find freelance consulting

Reputation and good reviews help in the job search

The competitive market for consultants can make the search for an exciting and well-paid job a challenge, especially at the start of a career. In this case, it is ideal if you have already been able to build up a certain reputation. Ask companies or team colleagues for recommendations or reviews that underline your skills. The better they are, the easier it is to find a consultant job.

Earning opportunities as a consultant

In the consulting industry, very good salaries and fees are paid because expertise is highly valued. The annual income for junior consultants is estimated at an average of about 70,000 euros. As a senior consultant with a wealth of experience and numerous references, you can generate over 100,000 euro per year with your work. Good negotiating skills and outstanding work are rewarded in this genre. In the case of special activities or in special sectors, the earning potential with full-time freelancers even exceeds the 150,000 euro mark per year. Daily rates of over 1,000 euros are not uncommon in attractive sectors.

Entry via consulting companies

The solo entry among the consultants is often very difficult. Most companies that hire a freelancer build on extensive experience, which you should have gained. In this case it is worth taking a small detour: Larger consulting companies like to work with freelance consultants in order to be able to flexibly serve different order volumes. These are regularly outsourced to freelancers who can benefit from this. This supposed detour can pay off for your self-employment, because the consulting firms in turn enjoy an excellent reputation and have recurring orders to place.

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Our freelance platform as a chance for attractive jobs as a consultant

By registering on our freelancer website, you have a very good chance of being placed on a project that fits you perfectly. The prerequisite is the creation of a meaningful profile with your special skills and expertise. By assigning you to an industry and the appropriate fields of activity, we can optimally place you with the companies looking for freelancers. With positive reviews from previous projects you increase your chances of being hired by a company for a project or an assignment. For you, the tedious acquisition of new international freelance consultant jobs is no longer necessary.


Which consultants are particularly in demand as freelancers?

Proven experts are sought in numerous fields of activity. For example, Strategy Consultants, SEO Consultants, IT Consultants, PR Consultants, Marketing Consultants and Logistics Consultants are very often sought after and can draw from a variety of attractive job options.

In which industries are freelance consultants active?

A wide variety of industries among the clients gives consultants good chances for exciting projects. Among others, companies from the fields of marketing & advertising, media & publishing, law & legal advice, finance & controlling or tech & internet are regularly looking for consultants.

What earning opportunities do freelance consultants have?

Very good fees can be achieved in a well-paid industry – daily rates of over 1,000 euros are not uncommon in attractive branches. As a Junior Consultant, annual incomes of 80,000 euros are not uncommon. Top earners as Senior Consultants often generate more than 150,000 euros in income per year.

How do I find an international job in consulting as a freelancer?

Through our freelance platform, internationally operating companies are looking for highly qualified consultants. With a meaningful profile and recommendations from previous projects we can refer you to interested companies looking for exactly your expertise.

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