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Realize projects with freelancers

Your company wants to realize a challenging international project in a timely manner, but lacks the appropriate internal know-how? Place a project request on our platform and we will suggest suitable qualified and available freelancers from our pool for your project. You can check the selection of proposed freelancers by means of the freelancer profile and integrated recommendations of other companies. If one or more candidates basically suit you, we will arrange a personal interview for you.

Advantages of working with freelancers

For certain projects and assignments, your company needs a specialist with excellent expertise. Since it is not foreseeable in the long term whether a separate job will be created in your company for this, a freelancer can prove to be a valuable support. As a rule, he can work for you on a project-specific basis with a short start-up period.

Experts bring your projects forward quickly

With a suitable freelancer, fresh ideas can be brought into your company and qualitative reinforcement can be gained for your project. With an inquiry on our freelancer portal, you can access a large pool of proven experts, who will support you with their knowledge and expertise and drive the planned projects forward.

Search for freelancers and overcome personnel bottlenecks

By using freelancers, you also have the possibility of bridging personnel bottlenecks for a short time. Illnesses or a maternity leave are factors that can hardly be taken into account in an annual planning. Finding a freelancer to take over the work or even a whole job for the period of maternity leave or illness is a good solution.

Cost savings and higher productivity with international freelancers

Studies in this context have shown that using freelancers for a period of less than nine months can be more cost-effective than hiring an employee. Another aspect that is not insignificant is that a much shorter time can be planned until the start of productivity. This is because qualified freelancers are used to quickly familiarizing themselves with an unfamiliar environment, whereas this can often take longer for permanent employees.

Designing a flexible personnel planning with freelancers

Economic times are subject to fluctuations and a rigid personnel structure can, under certain circumstances, put a strain on the company budget in bad times. Flexible employees who are deployed on a project-specific basis can minimize this risk. They can work cost-efficiently and react flexibly to their own job situation. Fixed costs can thus be significantly reduced if necessary. When using freelancers, however, care must be taken to ensure that no false self-employment occurs during the collaboration.

Find an international freelancer with low recruitment costs and with little effort

In the search for a permanent employee with appropriate expertise, companies can incur high recruitment costs. Usually, proven experts are in an employment relationship and must first be convinced by a new employer to change. In many industries, the search requires the commitment of a headhunter to strengthen your company with quality professionals.

Place freelance assignments

International freelancers, on the other hand, are much easier to find on this platform. You submit an inquiry and can quickly get in touch with the proposed freelancers from the desired specialist area. This saves you waiting time due to notice periods for permanent employees and has lower placement costs, as we can offer you individually very fair conditions.

Benefit from our exclusive international network

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Berlin, Germany
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Madrid, Spain
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Taipei, Taiwan
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Berlin, Germany
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Hamburg, Germany
UX/UI Designer
Berlin, Germany
New York, USA
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London, UK
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Florianopolis, Brazil

Which factors facilitate the search for suitable freelancers?

freelancer search

If you can locate your order or project in a field of activity, it is much easier to find a freelancer with the right know-how. The selection of potential candidates can be specified in detail on the portal.

You can search for freelancers directly in fields of activity such as Business & Consulting, Project Management, Marketing & PR, Online Marketing & Analytics, Programming & Tech, Design & UX, Content & Social Media, Finance & Controlling or Music & Audio to narrow down the selection of proposed freelancers.

Find freelancers based on their skills

The profession or job title does not always have to be the deciding factor in the freelancer search. You can also use the opportunity to search for skills and special knowledge to find the perfect expert for your job. The field of “Online Marketing” for example is very broad. A precise search for “Google Analytics” or “Facebook Ads” or “Searchmetrics” can further narrow down the desired result in this context.

Find the right freelancer with job titles and specializations

The search for the perfect freelancer can also be narrowed down even more specifically. The freelancers represented on this platform are asked to state their job titles or their specializations as precisely as possible. This enables you as an entrepreneur to look directly for specific experts. Represented among many others are for example:

  • Freelance Interim Managing Director
  • Freelance Project Manager
  • Freelance Srcum Master
  • Freelance Sales Specialist
  • Freelance SEA Consultant
  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Freelance UX Designer
  • SEO Freelancer
  • Freelance Online Editor
  • Animation Design Freelancer
  • Copywriting Freelancer

In which industries can excellent freelancers be found?

There are no restrictions in the selection of sectors on our freelance platform. You have the possibility to choose from the whole range of candidates for your project or order. Among others, we represent self-employed persons with experience in the following industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Energy & Supply
  • Research & Science
  • Hotels
  • Consumer Goods
  • Art & Culture
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace industry
  • Public Relations
  • Video Games & Animation

An overview of the advantages of cooperation

  • You do not have to enter into an employment relationship with a new employee.
  • You can determine the exact period of cooperation.
  • You can calculate the budget for a project exactly.
  • The large selection of freelance experts from different industries and professions allows you to find and hire the perfect freelancer for you.
  • As an employer you are not committed to long-term wage costs, as you only pay for the project assignment. Furthermore, for freelancers you do not have to pay social security contributions.
  • Working with a highly qualified employee increases your productivity.
  • Our freelancers have been recommended by previous clients or team colleagues and therefore guarantee high quality.

Basis of trust between company and freelancer

international freelancers

NDAs create security

Some companies refrain from working with a freelancer because he or she will gain valuable insights into the company. As a rule, you will have to disclose information that should not be made public. To create a basis of trust, you can agree confidentiality clauses with the freelancer. Especially products that appear on the market for the first time and are associated with innovative ideas can be secured in this way.

Time management tools allow an overview

The supposed “supervision” of the joint work is a very sensitive issue once you have found the right freelancer. Time management tools, in which the daily working time and tasks are stored, allow you to keep a close check. You can react to every procedure and, if necessary, demand improvements early on. Important: Ask for an estimate of the workload as accurately as possible in advance to avoid misunderstandings. Our conscientious freelancers attach great importance to delivering good work in scope, time and budget. Therefore, define the goals precisely and lay the foundation for achieving the desired result.

Find new freelancers: arrange trial assignments

If you find it difficult to choose a freelancer, you can of course also arrange smaller orders or trial assignments. This can be particularly helpful in certain industries. A designer may have completely different views than you when designing the website and may therefore not be the right partner for your tasks. With a trial order, compatibility can be checked in advance.

Develop sustainable solutions

An important aspect of working with freelancers is that during this time, long-term solutions are usually developed for the company. There are always cases in which a short-term engagement is very fruitful, but its effect is not sustainable. Therefore, the work of a freelancer must be documented in a comprehensible way. The best example are web developers who work on the design of code. After an assignment it must be ensured that this code can be easily adapted or extended. Together with the freelancer, develop a strategy during the collaboration that really helps your company in the long run.

Award longer-term contracts to freelancers

Good reviews are the signboard for future orders on our freelance platform. If you have found a freelancer and have completed a project with him, please give a review of his performance. In view of upcoming requests for new projects, a good reputation can be a valuable help for a dedicated freelancer to find the perfect next assignment. After all, good project results are the basis for successful placements in the future.

Find freelancers and place follow-up orders

A long-term cooperation has the advantage that you can also draw on the freelancer’s know-how in the future. For example, measures in the field of search engine optimization usually only come into effect after several weeks and then have a positive effect on your business model. With pre-planned follow-up orders to well-known freelancers, you already know the quality of the freelancer’s work and do not need to train new staff for further projects.

Build up a network of excellent freelancers

By awarding several projects and contracts on this platform you have the opportunity to build up a network of excellent freelancers. If you have successfully worked with several freelancers, you can quickly and easily get in touch with them again if necessary. In the future, this will save you the tedious search for new experts, because you will continue to use our pool of excellent freelancers.

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How can I, as a company, submit an inquiry on the freelance portal?

To find a freelancer on this platform, you can submit a project request. A precise job description and classification in a field of activity helps us to find the right freelancers for you. Important information about the company, such as your contact details and your website, is helpful so that potential freelancers can get a picture of your company before they express professional interest in a project. The more information you provide, the more interesting your request for quotation will be.

Receive suggestions and rate profiles

We match your request with freelancers who fit and are available, and put together a pre-checked selection for you. From our pool of available freelancers, we will select an appropriate number of options with matching expertise. This minimizes your own effort in the freelancer search. All you have to do is make your desired choice from the proposals submitted, for which we will then arrange personal meetings with you.

How does the agreement with a freelancer work?

The time frame of the activity and the financial expenses can be negotiated individually with each freelancer. Precise agreements and fixed deadlines prevent potential discrepancies in the run-up to the project. Therefore, try to define the task as precisely as possible and, in the case of various offers, have the time expenditure estimated in advance in addition to the hourly rate.

Fees for an international freelancer

Expertise and experience are decisive for the fees. The longer the international freelancer has been on the market and the higher his or her special qualifications are, the higher the financial expenses for a collaboration are likely to be. Take a close look at where the freelancer’s strengths lie and whether he or she can help you with his or her level of knowledge. For less complex tasks, beginners can be a good choice. On the one hand they are cheaper and on the other hand they often have a very high motivation to prove their skills.


How can I as a company find suitable international freelancers?

You can search for freelancers for your project via a job request. We then propose a pre-selection of suitable and available contacts. You have the opportunity to select specific candidates with whom we will then arrange personal interviews with you.

Which freelancers are represented on the portal?

With regard to the fields of activity and industries, there are hardly any restrictions on this freelance platform. You can find IT freelancers, marketing consultants, social media managers, consultants, designers or copywriters.

What are the advantages of working with freelancers?

By working with freelancers, you can win experts for your project, calculate your budget flexibly and quickly bridge personnel bottlenecks. Highly qualified freelancers are an enrichment for every company.

How are contracts concluded with freelancers?

You can negotiate the time frame and fee with each freelancer individually and conclude the corresponding contract directly with the freelancer.

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