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The profession of “project manager” with its all-encompassing tasks is one of the most demanding on the market. The coordination, planning and control of all the components that can come together in a project require a high degree of responsibility and numerous social skills. If you are looking for interesting jobs as a freelancer in project management, we can support you. On our freelance platform, numerous companies are looking for appropriate expertise in exactly this field. With a profile we have the possibility to find you interesting and above all well paid international freelance jobs as project manager. The more comprehensively your skills are presented on your profile and the more previous clients publish recommendations for you, the more likely it is that a suitable and successful placement will be found.

Freelance project manager: Total of management tasks

As a freelancer in the field of “project management” you have an extraordinary role to play. The clients place a large part of the responsibility in your hands. The entirety of the management tasks will be concentrated under one roof on your person. The successful implementation and realization of a project is your central task as a freelance project manager. As a leader, all processes will pass through your desk with the specifications that the planned time and budget frame is not exceeded, that the project goals are met qualitatively and that the risks are limited.

Freelance project management with high time expenditure

As a junior project manager, the probability is very high that you will initially only be responsible for one subtask within a project. Here it is important for your responsible department to achieve the project goals and make a valuable contribution to the success of the whole. As an established project manager, companies entrust you with the entire coordination, planning and control. This is a very time-consuming process, because as a freelance project manager you first have to familiarize yourself with the conditions within the company. The initial phase alone is very time-consuming, as planning is the foundation for successful implementation. What budget and which employees can I plan with? Do I need additional external expertise and how can I use my experience profitably?

Practical experience as a valuable currency for a freelance project manager

The theoretical planning is possibly taught to project managers during their studies, but the daily work requires daily rethinking and new coordination. Implementation according to plan is the ideal case, but rarely the rule. Freelance project managers need comprehensive experience in order to be able to react as perfectly as possible to problems that arise and for a successful career. It is important to nip problems in the bud before things get out of hand or dissatisfaction arises in the team.

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international freelance project manager jobs

Soft skills or social competence in management positions always required

In addition to specialist knowledge and methodological competence, soft skills also play an important role in working as a freelancer in project management. Leadership competence, teamwork, problem-solving skills, critical faculties and empathy are the most important skills. But also a high degree of flexibility, a self-confident appearance and entrepreneurial thinking are required of project managers in order to successfully complete assignments. Each team member requires a different approach and communication. Good knowledge of human nature should pay off for a very good freelance project manager in any case.

SMART formula as a guideline for the objectives

If the project is assigned to you as a freelance project manager, the SMART formula is an interesting benchmark for defining goals. It is mainly used in marketing, but can easily be transferred to other areas of work. The goals should be “specific” so that each team member knows his or her task. The “measurability” as an important benchmark for the subsequent evaluation. The “acceptance” of the specifications must be given by the client and the executing employees. “Realistic goals” must be defined, because excessive demands are of little help. “Terminable” – the time frame for the project must be able to be outlined by you as the person responsible.

Reach international customers with international experience and languages

The international orientation of many companies which aim at a target group around the globe requires further knowledge from a freelance project manager. Experience abroad, which you have already gained during your career, is of great importance. Many international projects require knowledge of not only national, but also Asian, European or American markets. In addition, there are languages that can prove beneficial. Communication in English is a prerequisite for involvement in “project management” within many companies but other languages can have a positive effect when looking for jobs.

The 4 most important phases in project management

  • Conception and preparation: Together with the client, a project analysis is carried out and the goals are precisely defined. Important factors are effective time and cost planning, risk analysis and the subsequent project organization. Based on the resource analysis, the rough planning for the respective project then takes place.
  • Planning: This is followed by coordination with the team members, a possible division into sub-projects, a definition of areas of responsibility, the exact planning of resources, deadlines and finally the final cost plan for the project.
  • Realization and implementation: As project manager, the core task now awaits you with project controlling, risk management, the exact documentation of all steps implemented and team development. Soft skills will be particularly required here to eliminate any problems that arise.
  • Conclusion and, if necessary, post-project phase: The project manager will summarize, evaluate and critically reflect on the project in a final report. The prerequisite is that the team has achieved the targets set. In a post-project phase, work is carried out to optimize the process for future projects.

Tasks, industries and locations for remote freelance project manager projects

freelance project management

Tasks on freelance project manager projects

Based on the four phases of the project management process, the tasks of a freelancer in the field of “project management” are always very similar. The first phase begins with the creation and maintenance of overall project plans, while the exact planning, control and coordination of the project is then carried out in consultation with the team. The analysis of critical paths within the framework of risk management, project controlling and the documentation of all processes are important main tasks, whereby this usually takes up most of the time. The preparation of reports, regular reporting to those responsible and finally the critical examination of the project characterize the conclusion of the project. The interaction of all tasks demands a freelance project manager to a high degree, especially since he or she is responsible for all areas.

Sectors for a freelancer in project management

If you are the absolute expert in a field, this naturally increases your chances of being employed in this industry. But even project managers who have not yet decided on their specialist area can take advantage of the wide range of job offers. In the end, the hourly wage and experience should be the deciding factors. The expertise of freelancers in project management is often called upon in the following industries:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Automotive Industry
  • Software & Software Development
  • Construction Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
  • Electrical Engineering

Job sites for international freelance project management assignments

One of the most exciting aspects of working as a project manager is the diversity of the locations. Especially multilingual freelancers can freely choose the place of work. This does not have to be limited to Germany, as many companies are active in Europe or overseas. However, a certain degree of mobility is a prerequisite, as comprehensive projects often cannot be ideally implemented from the home office. Knowledge of the company and the personal conversation with the respective team members can hardly be replaced by a conversation via telephone or Skype. In Germany, Europe and worldwide the following locations are possible:

  • Freelance Project Manager in Berlin
  • Freelance Project Manager in Munich
  • Freelance Project Manager in Hamburg
  • Freelance Project Manager in Cologne
  • Freelance Project Manager in Stuttgart
  • Freelance Project Manager in Wolfsburg
  • Freelance Project Manager in Barcelona
  • Freelance Project Manager in London
  • Freelance Project Manager in Paris
  • Freelance Project Manager in Warsaw
  • Freelance Project Manager in Sao Paulo
  • Freelance Project Manager in Germany
  • Freelance Project Manager in France

Fields of knowledge of project management

  • Integration management: This area includes project plan development, project plan execution and the implementation of any changes that may be required.
  • Scope management: The progress of the project and the continuous monitoring of all activities are covered by scope management.
  • Time management: The timely completion of the project on the scheduled date is elementary for successful work as a freelancer in project management.
  • Cost management: The most effective use of financial resources and the available budget are the tasks of cost management.
  • Quality management: Here it is important to ensure that the client’s quality requirements for the project are met over the entire period.
  • Personnel management: The organization of all team members and their ideal deployment within the project are realized in personnel management.
  • Communication management: The procurement and distribution of information as well as the determination of progress are the core elements of communication management.
  • Risk management: Possible risks must be identified in advance and alternative solutions created. Spontaneous risk management is, however, much more frequently in demand when working as a project manager.
  • Procurement management: The integration of external services and goods falls within the scope of procurement management.

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Further training, certificates and hourly rates for freelance project managers

freelance project manager hourly rate

Take advantage of further training offers for project managers

Especially as a freelancer in the field of “project management”, further training is an important element in order to stay up to date. Interesting tools on the market and a dynamic development in this professional field are constantly given. Therefore there are a lot of interesting offers, which you can take advantage of as a freelancer. For example, in Germany we recommend offers of the German Association for Project Management which you can find on the website https://www.gpm-ipma.de/startseite.html.

Certificates for project managers as figureheads

In addition to your comprehensive wealth of experience, certificates can help to make your personal profile more attractive to companies. As is well known, they stand for newly gained knowledge and document it. A tip for freelance project managers is the offer of the Project Management Institute (PMI), which has three relevant certificates for you. With the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) for project staff, the Project Management Professional (PMP) for project managers with professional experience and the Program Management Professional (PgMP) for project managers in a multi-project environment, you can prepare yourself for the future.

Hourly wage and daily rates for freelancers in the field of project management in Germany

As a freelance project manager you can freely manage your hourly wages and daily rates. Due to the high level of responsibility in an executive position, permanently employed project managers with appropriate certificates can expect to receive an annual salary of just under 100,000 euros. Even junior project managers have the opportunity to call on annual salaries starting at 65,000 euros at renowned companies. Freelancers vary in pricing, but according to the German Association for Project Management, the average is 93,000 euros, although 130,000 euros per year is not uncommon. The daily rates settle at 769 euros on average. Very experienced freelancers call on more than 1,000 euros for short-term projects.

Find varied and rewarding jobs as a freelance project manager on our freelancer website

By registering on our freelancer portal you open up new perspectives. A comprehensive profile with all details of your skills, further training, certificates and recommendations will appeal to the companies represented by us. We will find interesting, varied and financially attractive international jobs, assignments and projects for you. Take advantage of this opportunity and save yourself the tiresome acquisition process from your own hands.


How do I find a freelance project management job?

By registering on our freelance portal, we can place interesting projects and assignments as freelancer in project management. A meaningful profile with all the necessary details increases your chances of getting well-paid jobs.

In which industries do freelancers work in project management?

In principle, project managers are engaged in almost all industries. There is a great demand for project managers in the media, in marketing, software development, construction or even in the automotive industry.

Where are freelance project managers employed on international projects?

A certain degree of mobility is required if you want to work as a freelancer in the field of project management. Within Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart or Cologne are interesting locations. Internationally, in London, Paris or Barcelona demand is high – also for remote projects.

What are the earning opportunities on freelancer project manager jobs in Germany?

The average annual income is 93,000 euros, provided that the necessary experience and certificates are available. At the peak, 130,000 euros and more are not uncommon. The daily rates average 769 euros.

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