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Find freelance jobs in Berlin: Interesting projects and jobs in the capital

freelance jobs berlin

Jobs in Berlin on our freelance platform

Freelancer jobs in Berlin are in particularly high demand. The German capital is considered a promising metropolis with countless international companies that use the city’s special flair as a platform. New locations are always being sought to offer companies the perfect base for their new location. Both clients and freelancers can benefit from our freelance portal. Using meaningful profiles, we place freelancers from various fields of activity for attractive jobs in Berlin.

Work as a freelancer in Berlin

Berlin is considered to be an interesting place for freelancers when considering the international metropolises. Numerous companies have settled in the German capital in order to gain valuable employees from a diverse pool of international freelancers. The vibrancy and up-and-coming character of the city helps in this process. The vibrant metropolis on the river Spree has caught up with London, Paris and New York. Freelancers regard Berlin as the perfect location for self-realization. Interesting assignments and projects for freelancers in Berlin are excellently paid and promise exciting new contacts.

Interesting employers for freelancers in Berlin

The mixture of modern and classic companies is still particularly pronounced in Berlin. Freelance jobs are offered by classic companies such as Deutsche Bahn or Axel Springer Verlag, among others, but Zalando or Home24 also entice with attractive offers and projects in the online sector. Freelancers in the capital city have the option of choosing from numerous companies that are represented in almost all sectors. Depending on your professional orientation, you are sure to find a suitable freelance job for your expertise and know-how.

Berlin as a convenient place of residence for freelancers

In contrast to many other German cities, apartments or rents in Berlin are still affordable. Outstandingly trained freelancers often use the excellent educational facilities before starting their careers and then continue to take advantage of the favorable living conditions afterwards. Especially the affordable living space in the city appeals to numerous freelancers who can finance their life more easily here. In Hamburg, Munich or Düsseldorf, freelancers have to reckon with significantly higher living costs.

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Sectors and activities for freelancer jobs in Berlin

freelancer jobs berlin

Work as a freelancer in Berlin across all industries

Even if special knowledge is an advantage, you do not have to assign yourself to a specific industry. As a freelance developer, designer, project manager, consultant or online marketing expert, there are several potential companies with jobs in Berlin. In this context, it is all the more important that you highlight your special skills on the freelance portal so that we can place you with the companies in the best possible way. A not insignificant aspect is the experience you have gained in your career so far. Recommendations from previous clients are therefore an advantage when placing interesting projects and assignments for freelancers in Berlin.

Expert or just modular knowledge – honesty helps with the job search in Berlin

Honesty is the best policy. Everybody knows this saying and it has proven itself time and again in a microcosm like the working world in Berlin. However, if you have proven yourself as an expert on a job and produce considerable technical shortcomings in the implementation, this will have a negative effect even in a metropolis like Berlin. Many companies are in an intensive exchange, work closely together and make recommendations for freelancers in Berlin. Once you have acquired a negative reputation, this will certainly make itself felt in the later job search. Honesty will pay off for you in the long run and secure you jobs in areas in which you know best.

In which industries are there interesting freelance projects in Berlin?

For you as a freelancer it is important that you can find the right industries in Berlin. Depending on your professional classification you will be offered suitable jobs on our freelance platform. The more specific your classification can be, the higher the possible match for jobs in these areas, for example:

  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Automotive Industry
  • Research & Science
  • Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Real Estate
  • Import & Export
  • Internet
  • Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering
  • Advertising & PR
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Entertainment & Leisure

Fields of activity with high demand for freelancers

For a better classification, it is helpful to name the subject areas in which you feel most comfortable and with which you can identify thematically. To become more specific, it is advisable to also mention fields of activity in which you have either already gained experience or in which you can point out thematic strengths – such as:

  • Consulting
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Film & Television
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Art & Culture
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Media & Publishing
  • Online Marketing
  • Law & Legal Advice
  • Video Games & Animation

Freelance jobs in Berlin – Which skills are particularly in demand?

  • Languages: In recent years, Berlin has developed into a center of attraction for international companies. In numerous companies that have established themselves in the capital, English is now a prerequisite for working as a freelancer. Even companies that can look back on a long company history cannot ignore the international orientation. In addition to English, Spanish and French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and the Scandinavian languages are in high demand among freelancers in Berlin.
  • Communication: In addition to language skills, open communication at eye level is required. It is important to address problems openly, but also to reward very successful implementations.
  • Ability to work in a team: As a freelancer in Berlin you must be able to quickly find your way in a new environment and, above all, in a new team. With your expertise you often are the missing building block for a successful implementation of a project. A certain amount of empathy is required to optimally integrate yourself into the existing team.
  • Perceptive & analytical skills: In contrast to many permanent employees, freelancers are not granted a long period of adjustment. A quick grasp of the situation, in order to be able to understand all processes, as well as a corresponding ability to analyze, will enable you to quickly familiarize yourself with your new field of activity.
  • Punctuality and adherence to delivery dates: In order to complete a job and deliver it within the specified time frame, punctuality and adherence to delivery dates are expected at advertised freelance jobs in Berlin. With these skills you can score excellent points in a very dynamic working environment.

Berlin as an attractive market for the search for freelancer jobs

freelancer berlin

Berlin as a freelancer metropolis with fairs & events

Berlin has been able to establish itself on the international market just like Barcelona, Amsterdam or London. As an attractive location, numerous companies are looking for freelancers and have interesting jobs or assignments to offer. The job market for freelancers is always on the move and there are new job offers for freelancers in Berlin almost daily. Quite a few projects are even planned over a period of several months, so that both the period and the payment are particularly attractive. The flexible deployment options make external employees interesting for companies, as they can react at short notice to staff shortages or lack of skills.

Freelancer Fairs, Conferences & Events in Berlin

The advantage for freelancers in Berlin is the dynamic professional environment in which they can operate. Like hardly any other city in Germany, the capital is rich in events for freelancers, who can either exchange ideas with each other or get in touch with companies. Events such as “re:publica” or “WeAreDevelopers World Congress” are not only the perfect platforms to discuss new findings, they are also the perfect stage for freelancers in Berlin to get themselves talked about.

Continuing education for freelancers in Berlin

Another aspect that speaks for working as a freelancer in Berlin: There are countless further training opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Whether these are foreign languages, programming languages, design or communication – you have the opportunity to expand your personal profile with numerous skills. Offers from specialized institutes are particularly attractive in terms of content and are often scheduled for the evening or weekend. In this way you can combine your work and further education in an ideal way.

Leave an impression as a freelancer

Whether in the context of your assignments or projects or when meeting companies at events in Berlin – it is always important to leave an excellent impression. In conversations, prove yourself to be an eloquent partner at eye level, never know-it-all or instructive. However, always give an interesting part of your knowledge to draw attention to yourself and offer support for future projects. If you have been able to remain long-lasting in the memory, the companies will fall back on your services if necessary.

Competition among freelancers in Berlin – How do I get a job?

  • Meaningful profile: A meaningful profile is the foundation for a successful placement of a freelance job in Berlin. Your skills, abilities, further education, languages and special knowledge should be clearly emphasized so that companies will notice you.
  • Curriculum vitae & career steps: In order to give an impression of you, a curriculum vitae and a record of your previous career steps are recommended. In this way, you can logically trace your career path.
  • Recommendations and reviews: Use the opportunity to ask for recommendations or evaluations after very good assignments and projects you have completed. They can become your figurehead and become more and more important. In combination with your skills, very good evaluations guarantee you interesting follow-up jobs time and again.
  • Maintaining contacts: Many freelancers in Berlin neglect this point. A completed assignment does not necessarily mean the end of the collaboration. Rather, the constant demand at regular intervals is incredibly helpful to be remembered by the companies. Cards for Christmas or a business anniversary are also very popular and show your appreciation for the companies.

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Find permanent freelance jobs in Berlin

freelance berlin

How a freelancer project in Berlin becomes more

The successful completion of a collaboration or project does not necessarily mean the end of it. In many industries in the capital it is common for a task to result in a long-term agreement that can prove to be a solid pillar for the future. Behind every project there is a contact person, a team and a company. These want to be prepared for the future. Search thereby actively and lastingly the contact.

Expand your freelancer network in Berlin

Communication is of great importance. On the one hand, it is important to be in contact with other freelancers in your industry and on the other hand to maintain contacts with companies. Already completed projects should be stored in your profile and, if possible, confirmed by customers with recommendations. This creates trust with other clients and helps you to find attractive jobs in the future.

Branding – making a name for yourself as a freelancer in Berlin

As a freelancer in Berlin you are in a constant process of development. Through various assignments you can sharpen your own profile and potential customers can be addressed even more specifically. With good references you can gradually build up a sophisticated freelancer brand. This will enable you to assert yourself against competitors in this very dynamic metropolis. Excellent work then pays off not only in the form of money, but also through further assignments.

Registration on our freelance platform for jobs in Berlin

Berlin is an exciting metropolis, which is represented on our freelance portal with various job offers. By registering and creating a profile on our website you increase your chances of being placed as a freelancer in Berlin. If your skills match the requirements of the company, we will find the perfect freelance job for you in Berlin.


How do I find freelance jobs in Berlin?

With a meaningful profile on our freelance portal you lay the foundation for a placement on attractive projects in Berlin. Interesting assignments and well-paid jobs are waiting for you, for which we will recommend you to companies with suitable skills.

What is the average fee for freelancers in Berlin?

The average annual fees for freelancers in Berlin are between 33,000 and 49,000 euros for all industries. Of course, there are fields of activity in which the earnings are higher or lower.

Which industries are looking for freelancers in Berlin?

Almost all industries in Berlin are looking for freelancers. The companies are from the fields of animation, automotive, consulting, research & science, film, gaming, internet, media, online marketing and advertising, among others.

Which skills are particularly important for freelance jobs in Berlin?

Skills that are particularly in demand in Berlin are multilingualism, strong communication skills and a quick grasp of the situation, so that you can familiarize yourself quickly with the tasks at hand. The ability to work in a team and adherence to schedules are highly valued by companies offering freelancer jobs in Berlin.

Which clients have many open jobs for freelancers in Berlin?

The number varies from day to day. Classic companies such as Deutsche Bahn, various banks or Axel Springer Verlag always have exciting jobs for freelancers in Berlin. In addition, there are young and up-and-coming companies such as Zalando or Home24, who realize their goals with freelancers.

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