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SAP freelancers are among the most sought-after developers on the German and international market, because the complex handling of numerous SAP software solutions poses a huge challenge for countless companies. SAP freelancers can find varied and well-paid jobs on our platform. The modularity of SAP requires extensive knowledge, which makes freelancers specialists in this field. If the appropriate skills and know-how are available, which correspond to the ideas and requirements of the companies represented by us, we will arrange interesting job offers and SAP freelance projects for you.

SAP – What is it?

The starting point is the company SAP SE, based in Walldorf (Germany), which over the past decades has become one of the most successful software providers on the market. Founded in 1972, it is now the fourth largest company worldwide in this sector. The demand for SAP freelancers who can optimally integrate this software into a company is correspondingly high. The aim of the software is to be able to document and control the complete business processes of a company. Since the software is offered in modules, it is important to be able to integrate parts of the entire solution with different requirements.

Integrate organizational structures of a company by SAP freelancers

Especially the business management modules of the SAP software are in high demand on the market. SAP ERP Financials (accounting), SAP ERP Operations (logistics), and SAP ERP Human Capital Management (human resources) are options that companies can book with SAP. These, in turn, have other modules to offer that are more specifically dedicated to a particular topic. Under the subject area “Logistics” you will find the MM (Materials Management) module with the components material master, purchasing, inventory management and physical inventory. Companies can book individual modules and components at SAP, which are then integrated into the business processes by software specialists.

SAP freelance jobs and projects: understanding the complexity of SAP ERP

One of the most important requirements of an SAP freelance job is to fully understand the complexity of SAP ERP. This is by no means limited to being able to integrate and harmonize the versions that have been on the market up to now. As soon as there are alternatives and new features, correspondingly sound knowledge must be available to control updates. In addition to the classic SAP developer, there are therefore also SAP business analysts or administrators who are permanently involved with the solutions within a company.

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Diversity of industries and tasks of SAP freelancers

sap freelance projects

SAP freelancer jobs – in demand nationally and internationally

In a company like SAP, which operates in the software market worldwide, SAP developers are also deployed nationally and internationally. The skills in dealing with SAP give freelancers the chance to prove themselves in Germany, Europe, Asia or the USA in various projects. The locations are as diverse as the companies looking for SAP freelancers. SAP jobs in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne are particularly popular on the German market. In Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Chicago or Mexico City, internationally active SAP freelancers can receive interesting job offers. These projects can require on-site work or can be carried out remotely from the home office.

Knowledge or requirements for a freelancer in the SAP area

SAP developers do not have to follow a classic career path. It is helpful if you have a degree in business administration or business informatics in order to have the best general prerequisites. Excellent knowledge of JAVA as a programming language and ERP technologies support SAP freelancers in their daily work. It is advisable to take advantage of opportunities for further training and certificates in order to acquire the necessary skills on the one hand and to be always up-to-date on the other. Companies always look at existing further training when advertising freelancer jobs and projects.

Diversity of industries opens up many job perspectives for SAP freelancers

An advantage for SAP freelancers is the fact that SAP ERP is used in different industries. The software has been developed so that it can be used in a targeted manner. SAP offers solutions for the following industries, among others:

  • Automotive industry
  • Banking
  • Public Health
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Energy Utilities
  • Public Administration
  • Telecommunications

The basic solutions are similar in some respects, but there are explicit differences that are specifically tailored to the industry. SAP developers can therefore use their expertise in different industries. This opens up a wide range of job options that are not restricted to one genre.

SAP with numerous fields of activity for freelancers

If you look at the complexity of SAP, it quickly becomes clear that one freelancer can by no means cover the entire range of tasks related to the software. Accordingly, there are several fields of activity in which an SAP freelancer can work. These include, for example:

  • SAP Developer
  • SAP Administrator
  • SAP Business Developer
  • SAP Consultant
  • SAP Business Analyst

The basic requirements are a perfect handling of the SAP software and analytical thinking to be able to put oneself in the position of all options that might be useful for a company. As an SAP freelancer it is also perfectly possible to operate at an interface that brings together project managers and SAP developers. The fields of activity are therefore just as complex as the software itself.

What skills do SAP freelancers need for a job?

  • Project management: In addition to pure programming, project management has become an essential component for SAP freelancers. Numerous companies have switched to Scrum and Kanban for agile working. This allows SAP projects to be implemented faster, more securely and more efficiently. As an SAP freelancer you should be familiar with these methods. An alternative is for example the Project Management Office (PMO). Clearly structured solutions are important for the client to be able to directly follow the work on the project.
  • IT Management: The use of an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can become standard for several SAP assignments. With the central areas of planning, delivery, support and efficiency optimization, SAP freelancers are very much oriented towards the needs of the customer. For this purpose, freelancers can acquire certificates, which in turn can be useful for getting jobs and for justifying higher hourly rates.
  • Business Intelligence: This is primarily about being able to use customer data even more efficiently. A joint solution through the integration of SAP software coupled with existing customer data should open up completely new perspectives for the client. More targeted offers, customer-oriented pricing policies or better customer loyalty through CRM are just a small selection of the possible goals of companies.
  • Big Data: These skills and knowledge are similar to those of Business Intelligence. The digitalization of social life is advancing more and more. Many companies want to accompany this path and find targeted access to their customers based on cleverly used data.

International SAP jobs and professions for SAP freelancers

international sap freelancer jobs

Freelance SAP Developer jobs in companies

SAP developers experience the highest demand on the freelancer market. After an analysis of the business processes in the company, they have the task of implementing appropriate concepts for the companies. They integrate new SAP applications into the company’s system in order to facilitate administration with regard to the various requirements. In the ongoing process, they are responsible for training internal employees and for quality assurance. To support employees, SAP developers also create guidelines and manuals to ensure the correct use the software. A mixture of technical knowledge and business thinking is highly valued among freelance SAP developers.

Freelance SAP Master jobs: Master Data Management for companies

Integration and programming at SAP is an important prerequisite for using the software effectively. In the long term, it can pay off for companies to rely on a freelance SAP master who is permanently involved in master data management. Errors in the daily handling and use of the software can be very expensive, since many processes are mapped automatically. The correct maintenance of your own data, updating and optimization fall within the scope of the Freelance SAP Master. It is also often the case that a freelancer combines the skills of an SAP developer and an SAP Master. In this case, any company can consider itself lucky because the entire assignment can be handled by one person.

Freelance SAP Consultant jobs: external view of the system

While SAP masters handle the daily handling of data, SAP consultants are entrusted with the task of taking a look at an existing system. Correcting errors or updating the system, creating reports and statistics, adapting legal requirements for the software, and managing and coordinating all kinds of complex processes are all part of the work of a freelance SAP consultant. Companies want to take a particularly critical approach in order to be able to derive optimizations in all areas.

Freelance SAP Administrator jobs: ensuring trouble-free operation

The Freelance SAP Administrator is another job option. The main aim here is to ensure trouble-free operation within the company. Documenting errors and communicating them to internal support is an essential task. Improvements, adjustments, and optimizations with regard to SAP software fall within this area of activity, which can also have an advisory function. It is often the case that SAP developers continue to be employed as freelance SAP administrators after the implementation and integration because they are already familiar with the employees and processes.

Tasks of a SAP freelancer

  • Inventory and analysis of business processes: At the start of a project or an assignment, the current status is the basis for the further procedure of an SAP freelancer.
  • Concept creation: Based on the first stocktaking, the client is presented with a concept for the optimal use of the SAP software. The goals for the implementation are also agreed upon.
  • Program adaptation or new development: The software is integrated into the company with all modules and adapted accordingly. Master data maintenance is also included in order to get a functioning system up and running.
  • Testing the renewed system: Minimizing errors is a central task during testing. All possible deployment options should be put to the test.
  • Creation of documentation and manuals: SAP freelancers are required to create documentation and manuals for internal use and employee training.
  • Employee training: The training of employees in the use of the software is part of the scope of a project that is realized by an SAP freelancer.
  • Maintenance and quality assurance: The permanent functionality and updating of the software can be placed in the hands of an SAP administrator, who permanently keeps an eye on quality assurance.

Earning opportunities and hourly rates as SAP freelancer

sap freelancer hourly rate

SAP freelancer hourly rate in Germany

The work as an SAP freelancer proves to be very lucrative. The earnings per hour worked are on average ten euros higher than comparable freelancer jobs in the IT sector. In recent years, the hourly rate for SAP freelancer jobs has settled at between 80 and 100 euros. According to a current statistical survey, more than 14 percent of all SAP experts are even in the higher-priced segment and earn more than 110 euros per hour. For these high hourly rates, a responsible approach to the software and company data is expected. SAP freelancers can hardly allow themselves to make mistakes in order not to damage their reputation. With good recommendations and reviews, hourly rates can be continuously increased in view of your verified skills.

Where do SAP freelancers earn well?

In Germany, it is primarily the Frankfurt metropolitan area with its banks and international companies in the financial sector, where SAP freelancers are offered very well-paid projects. SAP experts working here can calculate with high SAP freelancer hourly rates. The Munich area and the Rhineland with the metropolitan areas of Cologne, Aachen, Bonn, Trier, Mainz, Koblenz, Siegen, Hagen and Hamm are of similar interest. The earnings in these cities are at a very high level, which is alone due to the high demand for SAP freelancers.

SAP freelancers in Europe: Switzerland offers good earning opportunities

With 300,000 customers, SAP is successful worldwide. Accordingly, the demand for SAP freelancers who want to work on jobs abroad is international. Switzerland is proving to be a particularly good place to start in this respect. The hourly rate averages 109 euros and is thus above the average in Germany. Austria at 90 euros per hour could be an attractive alternative for international SAP freelance jobs in the German-speaking world. Searches are also being conducted in London, Paris or Barcelona. Here, earnings often depend on the industry and the company.

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On our freelance platform, SAP experts have excellent chances of finding an interesting project or a well-paid job. The more extensive the knowledge and skills in handling the proven software, the more likely a placement is. Companies whose assignments fit your expertise perfectly will be made aware of you by us. The wide range of SAP freelancer jobs could pay off for you.


Where can I find international SAP freelance jobs and projects?

By registering on our freelancer portal, we can optimally place you with companies looking for SAP freelancers. We can use your profile with your skills to draw attention to you.

Which SAP freelancer jobs are particularly sought after?

SAP developers, SAP administrators, SAP business developers, SAP consultants and SAP business analysts are particularly frequently sought in this context.

How high is an SAP freelancer hourly rate?

The average hourly rate for SAP freelancers in Germany ranges between 80 and 100 euros for SAP experts with the relevant knowledge and extensive experience. Across Europe, hourly rates vary above or below this level.

In which industries are SAP freelancers sought?

The wide range of applications for the software opens up opportunities for SAP freelancers in numerous industries. In particular, the automotive industry, banks, healthcare, high-tech & electronics, utilities, public administration, and telecommunications are looking for SAP freelancers.

Where are SAP freelancers being sought?

In addition to Berlin and Munich, it is mainly Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and the Rhineland with its numerous national and international companies that have a high demand for SAP freelancers in Germany. All over the world, there are good job opportunities in virtually every major city – on site or remotely.

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