About the Talent Club

Over the past few years, I have frequently searched for first-class freelancers for a wide variety of projects. However, finding ambitious and reliable contributors was not always easy. With many candidates who at first seemed to be a perfect match, it soon became apparent that the expectations of both sides did not really coincide.

At some point, I realized that the best freelancers almost always come through personal recommendations from a close circle of acquaintances. Is this logical? Of course it is as everyone would only recommend their good contacts to friends. However, close circles of friends are usually small and refined. Unfortunately, this means the contact range is limited.

So why not increasing this range of good contacts by partnering with like-minded people – in an equally refined, but no longer quite so small circle? That’s how the Talent Club was born. Followed by lots of positive feedback, I decided to implement the idea with somewhat larger goals than I had initially intended. After all, a well-thought-out online platform with real growth potential would allow me to reach many more inspiring partners and build up a far-reaching network.

The Talent Club was not intended to be just one of many freelancer portals, but instead something special:

Through members
who have equally high aspirations and are committed to forming a truly trustworthy basis for a community – with the goal of helping each other.

Through practical functionalities
that make it easy to manage one’s contacts and their availabilities and to enable mutual give and take in a fair way.

Through targeted matching
that connects ambitious freelancers with the right projects – not just to get a job done, but to turn shared visions into reality.

Through the flexibility
of either being placed as an individual or forming freelancer teams that can be used directly as a well-rehearsed group on larger projects.

And last but not least: by looking beyond national borders
to allow international project teams to come together – very much in the spirit of a time in which working remotely opens up entirely new possibilities for easily bringing the expertise of specialists from all over the world into a project.

I hope to inspire more and more people with these values and goals and to bring like-minded people together. I would like to thank all those who have already become involved for their support along the way.

Would you also like to join? Then find out more here as a Talent Manager or Freelancer.

Founder of the Talent Club

We still have big plans! Stay in contact with us.

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